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  • The Notre Dame Hound

    The world today is looking for men and women,
    Who are not for sale
    Who are honest, sound from centre to circumference,
    true to the heart’s core,
    With consciences as steady as the needle to the pole
    Who will stand for the right if the heavens totter and the earth reels
    Who can tell the truth and look the world right in the eye
    Who neither brag nor run
    Who neither flag nor flinch
    Who can have courage without shouting it
    In whom the courage of everlasting life runs still, deep and strong
    Who know their message and tell it
    Who know their place and fill it
    Who know their business and attend to it
    Who will not lie, shirk or dodge
    Who are not too lazy to work, nor too proud to be poor
    Who are willing to eat what they have earned and wear what they have paid for
    Who are not ashamed to say “No” with emphasis.

    God is looking for them. He wants those who can unite together around a common faith – who can join hands in a common task – and who have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. God give us such as them.

    Not only will they be better prepared to fulfil their duties as a citizen, they should make a better friend, a better husband, a better father, a better wife, a better mother because free people do. They will, in short, be better prepared to live, and when their hour comes, they will know better how to die because free people do.

    Athol (Père) Murray circa 1930 - 40, revised 1970 -1980 & 2012.
  • Notre Dame's Guiding Principles

    Identity and Spiritual Roots:
    Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is a private, independent, co-educational boarding high school rooted in the Catholic tradition open to students of all faith backgrounds. The program of the College is developed according to the teachings, morals and liturgical practice of the Roman Catholic Church. The College maintains an ecumenical outlook and encourages all to seek God, put their faith in Him and live in accordance with their belief.

    Our Vision:
    Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is committed to developing young men and women to become purposeful leaders with virtuous character.

    Our Mission:
    Athol Murray College of Notre Dame provides an exceptional educational and boarding experience with a balance of strong academic, athletic, and spiritual growth in a safe and caring prairie community.

    Our Nine Promises:
    1. Academic Excellence - We will provide opportunities and support for academic excellence.
    2. Athletic Development - We will provide an environment that gives our students an advantage for athletic development.
    3. Balance - We will assist our students to strive for a balanced life.
    4. Boarding Experience - We will provide a caring boarding experience that encourages healthy lifelong friendships.
    5. Character - We will challenge our students to develop habits that build virtuous character.
    6. Community - We will nurture a safe and caring culture. 
    7. Convenience - We will provide the convenience of having all essentials in one location.
    8. Leadership - We will create a platform that promotes leadership opportunities and personal growth.
    9. Spiritual Growth - We will accompany our students along their spiritual journeys.
  • The Notre Dame Code of Conduct Students & Parents

    All students who attend Notre Dame are required to sign a copy of the following document. By doing so, students acknowledge its content and agree to meet all expectations to the best of their ability to become “The Notre Dame Man & Woman” that Pére describes in his poem

    For over 100 years, the students at this school have been building a Tradition of Excellence. As a current student, I believe that I can contribute to this tradition. As a student at Notre Dame, I understand that I am expected to behave as a person who is “honest…who stands for the right…who can tell the truth…who is not too lazy to work...who can unite around a common faith…and who can join hands in a common task.” These are but a few of the ideals that appear in Pére Athol Murray’s poem “The Notre Dame Man & Woman”.

    As a student at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, I will: Accept responsibility for my education, my decisions and my actions; represent my school and all the Hounds that have gone before me with respect and dignity; respect the property of others.

    This is intended to emphasize for each student the importance of these behaviours. Proper language, respect for others and their property are very important in a community setting. Students must understand that theft is a serious offence that destroys our community and will result in a suspension and possible expulsion. Students must recognize that bullying, harassing or abusing others is also not tolerated. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol and/or the abuse of prescription medication is not permitted and this too will result in a suspension and possible expulsion. Students who participate in these activities which lead to the breakdown of trust and community will be disciplined.

    Parent & Guardian Code of Conduct

General Information

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  • 2024-2025 School Calendar Dates

    *Disclaimer - The College has the right to change the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances at any time throughout the academic year. The College will work to communicate to families in a timely fashion.
    • August 30 - Registration Day (New and Returning  Students (as per assigned appointment times)

    • September 2 -  Semester One Begins

    Full School Calendar 2024-2025
  • Notre Dame Required Items

    Required items are needed for all students at Notre Dame and must be purchased via the Notre Dame Houndshop.

    Returning students who still have their mandatory items are not required to purchase items again.

    A link will be sent out in the summer to pre-purchase the items prior to arriving on campus. Items will be picked up by students at the Houndshop once they arrive on campus.

    Required Items:
    • Notre Dame School Jacket
      (Black or Red - only 1 is mandatory)
    • Notre Dame School Polo Shirt
    • Notre Dame School Backpack
    • 3 Pack Laundry Bags
    • Lock
    • Notre Dame Gym Clothes
  • General Contact Information

    Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 - 4:30
    Main Phone Number: (306) 732-2080
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 100, Wilcox, SK, Canada, S0G 5E0
    Student Parcel Delivery: P.O. Box 100, 220 Main Street, Wilcox, SK, Canada, S0G 5E0
    Courier Address: 49 Main Street, Wilcox, SK, Canada, S0G 5E0

    Department Names Phone Numbers
    President Assistant (306) 732-1225
    Principal (306) 732-1240
    Director of Enrolment & Marketing (306) 732-1277
    Business Office (306) 732-1204
    Central Services (306) 732-1214
    Director of Development (306) 732 -1201
    Director of Hockey (306) 732-1243
    Director of Student Life (306) 732-1238
    Female Hockey (306) 732-1241
    IT Help Desk (306) 732-1234
    Health Care (306) 732-1222
    High School Office (306) 732-1236
    High School Sports (306) 732-1258
    Hockey Office (306) 732-1242
    Male Hockey (306) 732-1268
    Notre Dame Camps (306) 732-1246
    Spiritual Development (306) 732-1245
    Student Accounts (306) 732-1210
  • Mail and Packages to Students at Notre Dame

    Mail and package arrivals are posted daily and can be picked up at Student Services at lunch or after school. Mail and packages should be addressed as follows:

    Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
    c/o Student Name
    Box 100, 220 Main Street
    Wilcox, Saskatchewan, Canada S0G 5E0

Academic Information

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  • The Notre Dame Academic Day

    Many parents find it helpful to have their son or daughter’s daily/weekly schedule which would include academic and extracurricular activities. To find this information login into OnCampus:
  • Student Conference Time

    Our teachers will provide further assistance in the morning for students requiring greater clarity on their lessons. Additional academic support is offered to students recommended for extra study. The academic staff reviews student performance on a monthly basis and makes recommendations accordingly.
  • Shack/Leadership

    All students are assigned to one of the 19 Shacks that is associated with the students' House Team ( Badger, Chopper, Marauder, Gunner) for the Academic Year. 

    At the beginning of the year, shack is utilized to introduce all students to the Notre Dame Prayer and Victory March and school traditions. 

    The time is then transitioned into our leadership program that is done on a weekly basis, teaching virtues to the students to build leadership qualities amongst our student body.

    Shack Names:
    Joe's Garage
    Lane Hall
    White House
    Pack Rats
    Fox Hound
    Mary Lou
    Germann Shack
  • Wireless Campus

    Every area of the College is on the wireless network. As students roam around the campus from classroom to classroom, the library, the hockey rink, the residences and all the open spaces near a building, they are able to log onto the network, read their email, do their homework and surf the Internet. It is convenient, secure, fast and reliable.
  • IT Help Desk

    There is a Help Desk available for student and faculty use. The help desk is managed by trained IT staff who are ready to take care of any tablet concerns. Any damage to a laptop whether a warranty failure or an accident will be assessed on-site by our on-site IT department.  Students will be provided with a “loaner” to ensure they can continue with their classes until their tablet is fixed.
  • Bring Your Own Tablet Device

    The iPad was removed from the suggested device list because some students were having problems with the mobile version of OneNote. Mac Books were not on the list because they do not have a touchscreen or digitizing pen input for math and other classes. We are asking that all laptops are running windows 10 or 11 as some software is only available for windows computers.
    Below you will find information regarding Notre Dame’s “Bring Your Own Device” requirements & responsibilities:

    Software Requirements

    Windows 10 or Newer | Notre Dame will provide the students with all software needed for the Notre Dame academics. This will include a full Office 365 licence (Word, Excel, and OneNote) with 5 personal installs. With Office 365 each student will have 1000GB of cloud storage in OneDrive. Windows is required for some specialized software used for classes and tests.

    Device Requirements

    Your computer must have the following:
    • Touch screen with Digitizing stylus
    • Physical Keyboard
    • Web cam and microphone
    • Min 8+ hours of battery life
    • Replacement Pen Tips and Batteries
    Your computer should have the following:
    • 15” or less screen for portability and desk space
    • 8GB or more of RAM/Memory
    • 2+ core 2GHz+ CPU
    • Quick Charge
    • Accidental Damage Protection

    Suggested Devices

    • Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 (Stylus) $1048.99
    • IdeaPad Flex 5 15 (Stylus) $1199.99
    • HP ENVY x360 15 (Stylus) $1249.99
    • Surface Go 3 (Keyboard, Stylus) $998.97

    Notre Dame Used devices for sale

    These Laptops are sold as is with no warranty available.
    Prices are as of February 23, 2022 and here as a suggestion only and subject to change. Price shown includes keyboards and stylus when they do not come with the laptop

    Help Desk

    Notre Dame is responsible for making our network available to all students for schoolwork. The Help Desk will assist students in navigating the necessary software for their education. The Help Desk will provide a loaner Fujitsu laptop to students if their own laptop requires repair. 


    The student is responsible for the care of their laptop and ensuring that it is in good condition for class. This means having it charged every day ready to go, and reporting/fixing anything that needs repair. If there is damage to the laptop, repair will be the expectation and responsibility of the student and parents. Students cannot opt out of using a laptop.

    Help Desk Services

    The Notre Dame Help Desk will be available for all students with any device. The Help Desk will troubleshoot with the student and help in fixing software problems. For hardware and warranty problems the Help Desk will work with the manufacturer or warranty provider to have the laptop repaired.

    Warranty Repairs

    Notre Dame Help Desk is only trained to work on the Fujitsu laptops. If there is damage, the Help Desk will work with the student and the manufacture to have the laptop repaired. The Help Desk will package the laptop and have it shipped according to the manufacture suggestions by courier or Canada Post. All packaging and shipping costs will be charged to the student's account. The Help Desk will need approval from parents before initiating any repair costs.

    Non-Warranty Repairs

    If the laptop is not under warranty or you choose to have it repaired on your own the Help Desk can ship to any repair centre or drop off at a local centre in Regina. All packaging and shipping costs will be charged to the student's account. The Help Desk will need approval from parents before initiating any repair costs. There is no warranty offered on any Fujitsu device. The cost of parts and labour will be charged to the student's account. A parts price list from Fujitsu is available on request from the Help Desk.

    During Repair

    If a student needs their laptop repaired, the Help Desk will provide a loaner Fujitsu laptop. Any and all damages to the loaner device will be charged to the student account at the cost of parts. A receipt and documentation will be sent via OnCampus to parents and the student. In addition, the loaner must be returned within 3 months or the device will be considered purchased and charged to the student account.

  • Academic Supply List

    • Notre Dame backpack will be pre-purchased from the Notre Dame Houndshop(student required item).
    • Pens.
    • HB pencils.
    • Erasers.
    • Pencil crayons /coloured pencils.
    • Highlighters.
    • Ti-83 (or Ti-84) graphing calculator for all grades.
    • Two gym uniforms required for physical education which can be pre-purchased via Houndshop(student required item).
    • Art Kit: Students selecting Visual Art courses can pre-purchase an Art Kit via the Houndshop.


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  • Hounds Hockey

    Notre Dame offers an unprecedented opportunity to earn a first-class education while competing in some of the most respected leagues and tournaments for U15, U18 and Junior A hockey in North America. Our Student-Athletes are expected to carry a full academic workload, maintain a high-grade point average, contribute to the school community and be accountable for their actions both on and off the ice. Coaching, practices, off-ice training and game schedules, combined with ideal facilities, offer the perfect training environment for players to develop. Our teams will compete in 35 to 60 exhibition, league, tournament and playoff games each season. Players are on the ice an average of four to six times a week for practices and games. Furthermore, as part of our hockey development curriculum, students partake in mental training and off-ice skills training sessions on a regular basis. Hounds are well-conditioned athletes with a renowned reputation for being relentless and tenacious with a “never lose heart” attitude.

    Hockey Specific Facilities:

    Olympic Size Ice Surface
    State-Of-The-Art Off-Ice Skill Development Facility
    High-Performance Training Facility
    Strength & Conditioning Coach
    Individual Team Dressing Rooms
    Fully Equipped Gymnasium
    On-Site Skate Sharpening & Equipment Repair Services
    Athletic Training Room
    Athletic Therapist Health Service
    School Sports Doctor & Nursing Staff
    Video Livestreaming of all Home Games

    The Notre Dame Hockey program is registered with the Saskatchewan Hockey Association and Hockey Canada. Tryouts for all teams start at the beginning of the school year and team selections are completed by the end of September. Player evaluations are completed by a group of coach-evaluators and are based on the skills and aptitudes displayed by players in drills, scrimmages and exhibition games. Player evaluation is ongoing throughout the year so that players may be rewarded with the opportunity to affiliate in games with a team at a higher level.

    There are 12 teams (including Junior A) at the school with roster sizes varying from 15 to 25 players. As a result, it may not be possible for all students wanting to play hockey to be placed on a team. Players must be at a minimum standard for their age category in order to play on a team. In the cases the player is over age we cannot guarantee game time although we are able to work with these athletes in a practice setting in order to help them develop.

    Students are responsible to bring all the necessary certified safety equipment including a neck guard, red pants, red gloves and red helmet (a professionally fitted mouthguard is recommended). Equipment may be pre-ordered through our Hockey Department in the spring, or once students arrive through our Houndshop. The College will provide game and practice jerseys.
  • High School Sports

    Notre Dame’s high school sports teams have tallied quite a number of both League and Provincial Championship titles in football, rugby, track and field, basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, badminton and golf. Even our newest offering of ultimate frisbee is quite competitive in their league. A large number of our former student-athletes have advanced to post-secondary, provincial/national teams, and even into the professional ranks in a variety of sports other than hockey. Many athletes who come to Notre Dame to specialize in one particular sport often find that they actually excel in another and some former students have even realized their athletic dreams in what was originally their “secondary” sport.

    All athletes at Notre Dame - both on ice and off - receive the benefits of elite training through state-of-the-art facilities and high calibre instructions. A number of our High School Sports coaches have achieved high-level certification and some have also coached a number of respective Regional, Provincial, and National teams at various age levels in their particular sport.

    At Notre Dame, we encourage students to participate in multiple sports. We encourage the multi-sport athlete to maintain their commitments to their teams and Notre Dame’s coaches will cooperate and accommodate as much as they can to facilitate the athlete’s involvement in other sports/ activities. When a scheduling conflict arises between the athlete’s commitments, the coaches will conference with each other in consultation with the athlete and attempt to come to a compromise that will reflect both the wishes and needs of the individual athlete as well as the respective demands of the teams they are involved with.

Boarding Information

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  • Things to Know as a Boarding Student

    House Parents
    Each dorm has a House Parent(s) and Assistant House Parents. One of them will be “on duty” at all times outside of regular school hours. Students are to contact them regarding any issues or emergencies.

    House Leaders
    House Leaders are grade 12 students who are chosen by a committee for their leadership skills and character. They reside in each dorm to mentor the younger students. House Leaders assist with the supervision of chores and responsibilities in the dorms.

    All students are required to have a passport prior to their arrival on campus. Students must turn over their passport to their House Parent at registration.

    Room Checks
    Rooms are checked for cleanliness every school day morning and must be tidy before going to morning assembly.

    Dorm Jobs
    The dorm is cleaned every day. Students are assigned different tasks either by week or day depending on the dorm. Dorm jobs are carried out in the evening.

    Dorm and Room Cleaning
    The general cleaning of the dorm and individual rooms are done once per week, with all students participating.

    Kitchen Jobs
    This special chore is the traditional job for first-year students
    regardless of grade. Each month a Kitchen Job Calendar is posted with assigned students for each day.

    Varsity Hall
    All meals are provided in Varsity Hall for the students. Hot meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Students do have the opportunity to have an evening snack of toast, cereal and fruit. 

    Study Hour
    Students must be in their own room from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Sunday night to Thursday night. This may be increased to a longer period during exam week.

    Sleep is mandatory in order to perform, whether it be in the classroom or sporting arena. Curfew times will vary depending on the day of the week and the student workload at various times of the year (example: early curfews during exam week). Students are made aware of curfew times when they arrive in the fall.

    Laundry Services
    Each dormitory is assigned a weekday for laundry. Students take their laundry to the on-campus laundry facility in the morning and pick it up after school. Every item of clothing must be marked with the student’s full name (no initials).

    The lounge is a common gathering area with microwaves and kitchen spaces.

    Guidance Counseling
    The College assists students with counseling in the areas of life skills, career choices and academics.

    Student Services
    During lunch hour and after school, students go to Student Services to retrieve incoming mail and parcels. 

    Room Decorations
    Students are encouraged to make their rooms feel like home. Posters are permitted, as long as the content is appropriate. No decorations can be permanent.
  • What to Bring For The Dorm

    Dorm Rooms
    It is important to limit the amount of personal belongings each student is bringing to campus.  It is best practice to have less clutter for cleaning purposes and sharing spaces. 

    Standard room furnishings include a desk, chair, bed (bedding is NOT provided), window coverings and a wastebasket. Each room has a closet for each individual along with a bureau with drawers. The closet is to be kept locked at all times. No modifications may be made in the dormitory rooms without permission from House Parents.

    Mini-fridges, air conditioners or other small appliances are not allowed in the dorm rooms.

    Students should, however, bring a CSA -approved desk lamp, power bar, clothes hangers, and an alarm clock. The school has a number of storage rooms in which students may store luggage or items they find little use for after they have settled.

    Bedding, including pillows, two sets of sheets and a comforter. The bedding should be washable, name tagged and sized to fit a long twin-size mattress. Fitted sheets to fit our bedding must be 99 cm x 203 cm with a minimum fitted pocket of 30 cm (39” X 80” with a minimum fitted pocket of 12”). Many students choose to bring a memory foam mattress topper – please ensure the memory foam topper is encased in a removable washable cover

    • Towels and face cloths.

    • Students are required to purchase laundry bags through the campus store available on registration day.

    • Nightwear, slippers, bathrobe, shower sandals.

    • Seasonal coats and hats and general footwear.

    • Athletic clothing and equipment, depending on the season.

    • One pair of running shoes to be worn only in the gym.

    • Plastic hangers.

    • Plastic containers to store food items.

    • All contact sporting teams require students to have a professionally fitted mouthguard. Students will not be allowed to play contact sports without a mouthguard. If students are unable to bring a mouthguard they will be fitted for one at Notre Dame.

    • Toiletries (recommend a shower caddy to bring items back and forth to washroom and dorm room)

    • Personal bowl, cup and cutlery to use if students bring additional snacks to prepare in the dormitory kitchenette.

    • Small clocks, radios and stereo equipment are acceptable. Note:
    electrical outlets in the bedroom areas are very limited in number.
    Extension cords - if purchased, must be of the “power bar” variety
    with a safety breaker feature.
  • Boarding House Parent Contact Numbers

    Fred Hill Dorm -  Boys 
    Dean Suite Number:(306) 732-1208 ext. #1

    Max Bell Dorm -  Boys
    Dean Suite Number: (306) 732-1209 ext. #1

    Seaman Hall - Boys
    Dean Suite Number: (306) 732-1215 ext. #1

    Mother Teresa Hall - Girls 
    Dean Suite Number: (306) 732-1207 ext. #1 or 2
  • Health Services

    The physical, mental and emotional health of each student is very important to the College. Notre Dame’s Health Care Facility is staffed by Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Emergency Medical Technician, and care providers who look after the health needs of your child while in boarding at the College. Our College physician sees students on an appointment basis at Notre Dame. If the student needs urgent care, they are transported to Regina, Weyburn or Moose Jaw with a staff member or with EMS. Any invasive procedure will require informed consent by the parent/guardian. Any regular dental, eye or annual appointments should be arranged by the parent/guardian for times during school breaks.

    Notre Dame College has an Athletic Therapist on staff who carries out assessments and deliver prescribed treatments. Physiotherapy treatments are given at the College or in Regina and this service is at the guardian’s expense with consent from the guardian.

    Counselling services are provided when required and are at the guardian’s expense, once consent is given. At times, there are situations when counselling is a requirement by the College.

    After arrival on campus, our Health Care Office will assist out of country students with an application for Saskatchewan Health Coverage.  These students require a valid Canadian Study Permit or in the case of Canadians living out of country, a Canadian Birth Certificate.

    Prescription drugs are ordered by our doctors and filled by Shopper’s Drug Mart. Official receipts for prescriptions will be emailed upon request by student accounts. Non-prescription drugs (ex. cough syrup, pain medication, decongestants) will be dispensed from time to time by our Health Care Staff or the House Parent. NO medication is to be kept in the dormitory by students unless it is first approved by Health Care.

    Please do not send any medication to your son or daughter through the mail. Medication refills should be sent directly to Health Care.

    Should you have any concerns about the welfare of your son/daughter, please contact Health Care at any time. In the event, your child becomes seriously ill or injured while at the College, our Health Care staff will notify you at the earliest
    opportunity. The Health Care facility includes 14 infirmary beds. includes multiple beds and rooms to manage COVID-19 positive cases, close contacts and non-COVID-19 related symptoms.

    Nurses are on duty in the clinic:

    Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Nurse on call all times outside the clinic hours

    The hours of Health Care will change depending on the needs of our students. Nursing staff are available on call at any time 24hrs/day during the school year. During the hours that Health Care is open, students may see the nurse for any of their health-related concerns. A Care attendant is also on call as needed.

    It must be clearly understood that the College doctors act in the capacity of College ‘Team Doctors’. This means that NO student participates in the College Sports Program against the advice of the team doctors.
  • Cellular Phones on Campus

    The use of cell phones is considered a privilege at Notre Dame. Under certain situations, a student may be granted the use of their phone outside of the designated time. Students must register their cell phone and telephone number with the College upon arrival.

    • Cell phones are strictly prohibited during the school day, as well as during any Notre Dame function which would include such events as church attendance, guest speakers, award banquets, etc.

    • Students may use their cell phones from after school until approximately 9:30 p.m. during the week. Students will be allowed to manage their cell phones on weekends but need to observe lights out and ensure responsible usage.

    • Notre Dame considers cell phones and “smartphones” or any other electronic device capable of communicating verbally, to be similar.
    Cell Phone Changes for 2023-24
    1. Grade 8/9/10’s will hand in their cell phones at sign in and pick up in the morning. 
    2. Grade 11/12’s may have phones at all times. During the school day, phones must be shut off in the backpack – teaching responsible usage. 
    3. If a student is late for school in the morning or after lunch for the 1:10pm class, is found to be using their phone in Varsity, class or church and/or marks are under 60%, the student may lose phone privileges.
    4. Misuse consequences - students will lose phone on a scale:
      • first offence – 24 hours;
      • second offence – 3 days;
      • third offence – 7 days.
      • Additional offences: Phone handed in each evening for 1 month and picked up after school.
  • Campus Leaves

    Planning time away from Notre Dame involves communication between students, parents, house parents, coaches, and the High School office. Managing the comings and goings of a large number of students requires the College to have well-defined procedures. It is particularly important that parents, as well as students, become familiar with the College policies for securing off-campus leave. Notre Dame recommends that students remain on campus, so they become enriched by the traditions and life at Notre Dame. However, weekend leaves are permissible.

    Permissions and Holiday Travel
    A) Leaves not involving missing school: All leave requests require the parent/guardian to email by Thursday prior to granting the student permission for a weekend leave. All students must be signed out by their parents or guardian before they are allowed to leave campus. Please follow the Student Leave Policy.

    B) Leaves requiring permission to be excused from school: Students have five personal days per year, allowing the student to be excused from school with parental permission.  Our request is that students not use these days unless they are essential. 

    These personal days are automatically applied if available. If these days have been used up, parents will be notified that the student leave is not approved. Unapproved leaves will result in the student receiving an academic penalty for any assignment or tests administered in their absence.

    Students may be excused from school for specialized medical and urgent or emergency family reasons.

    Students are NOT granted special permission for extra travel time at the beginning and end of the school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and June). All classes will be testing one week prior to each of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Students who are absent will receive a zero. If a student misses an exam due to an unapproved leave, they will receive a zero on the exam.

    Holiday Travel
    It is imperative that parents/guardians know that the Notre Dame campus will be closed for the holidays and year-end as noted below. All students regardless of their home location are required to leave campus during these periods of time. The earliest times to book travel prior to our school breaks to avoid an academic penalty. Buses are scheduled for trips to the Regina International Airport for school’s departure days. The cost of this transportation is billed to parents through student accounts. Notre Dame has partnered with Capital Cabs to provide airport travel for students to get to and from the Regina Airport.

    Academic Leave Policy 
  • Holiday Travel

    It is imperative that all students remain on campus and in class for all school days. Your child’s attendance is critical to providing them with the best educational experience and support. Each student is allowed five missed school days per year for personal reasons if necessary.  Our preference is that students not use these days unless they are essential.  All student absences must be approved through the high school office.  All requests for permission to be absent must be submitted to  Personal days will be automatically applied and approved if available.  If no personal days are available, you will be notified by the Academic Office and you should be aware of the conditions for academic penalty, please consult the Leave Policy. Personal days are not permitted to be attached to school breaks.  Unapproved leaves will result in the student receiving an academic penalty for any assignment or tests administered in their absence.

Dress Code

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  • Number One Dress (formal dress)

    Number One Dress is required to be worn by all students at Mass (Church) services and other formal occasions, special events or when requested by coaches (i.e. award occasions, formal dance, special guest speakers, Christmas dinner, etc.). This dress code is worn often, you may want to provide more than one outfit.

    Male - Number One Dress Code Dress pants, belt, dress shirt, dress shoes and a tie are required. A blazer or coat is optional. Dress shoes and dress socks are to be worn. Running shoes and white athletic socks are not acceptable.

    Female - Number One Dress Code  We are moving towards a more business professional number one attire for our female students. Solid colour dress pants or tailored skirt (no shorter than 3” from the knee) preference of black, navy blue or grey. Solid colour tailored blazer or cardigan with a buttoned blouse or dress shirt. Appropriate dress shoes or boots (maximum 3” heel).
  • Classroom Dress

    Dress Code Changes for 2023-2024:
    • Shorts can have an 8” in seam.
    • Skirts/Dresses are to be no shorter than 4” from the knee. 
    • ND Branded clothing identified at the Hound Shop – may include t-shirts, golf shirts, shorts, joggers, etc as long as ND approved brand and not modified.  

    Male - Classroom Dress Code
    Males are to wear a collared shirt (short or long-sleeved) or a dress sweater and clean, long pants (jeans and non-athletic joggers are permitted). A t-shirt may only be worn as an undergarment beneath a collared shirt, dress sweater (including cardigans), sweatshirt or hoodie. Sweat pants, wind pants or track pants of any kind are not to be worn unless these items are ND branded and approved per above. Boys must wear closed-toe shoes. Shorts and leather sandals are permitted based on weather and at the discretion of the administration. Shorts are expected to have pockets and a zipper or button fly. Leather sandals only – athletic slides not permitted.

    Female - Classroom Dress Code Females are required to wear a collared shirt (short or long-sleeved) or a dress sweater and clean, long pants (jeans and non-athletic joggers are permitted) or a skirt (no more than four inches above the knee). A t-shirt may only be worn as an undergarment beneath a collared shirt, dress sweater (including cardigan), sweatshirt or hoodie.  Sweat pants, wind pants or track pants of any kind are not to be worn unless these items are ND branded and approved per above. Yoga pants are not permitted even with ND branding. Girls must wear closed-toe shoes. Tank tops & spaghetti straps may only be worn as an undergarment and must be completely covered. This is also true of tank dresses and dresses with spaghetti straps – they must be worn under a closed top. Shorts and leather sandals are permitted based on weather and at the discretion of the administration. Leather sandals only.
  • Casual Fridays

    Students are permitted to participate in Casual Fridays by bringing a non-perishable food item to assembly.

    Students participating in Casual Fridays are permitted to wear t-shirts, wind suits, sweat pants/shirts, sandals, shorts (weather permitting), etc. Tank tops/spaghetti straps, halter tops, loungewear, or pyjamas are not acceptable. Regular classroom attire is required by all students who choose not to bring in a non-perishable food item.
  • Fitness Centre, Gymnasium & Athletic Events

    Students using the fitness centre and the gymnasium must wear appropriate attire at all times. This includes any Notre Dame shorts and t-shirts, athletic socks and footwear. 
  • Other College Dress Requirements

    All clothing must be neat and clean. Ripped, torn, dirty or tattered pants or shirts are not acceptable. Pants must fit the student appropriately. T-shirts, shorts and sandals may be worn outside of regular academic hours (weather permitting). At no time may clothing display offensive, rude or inappropriate slogans, language or images, nor may such clothing support a negative lifestyle that contradicts Notre Dame’s philosophy or teachings
  • Hair

    Male haircuts will conform to certain standards.
    - The hair on top of the head must be neatly groomed. The length and bulk of the hair may not be excessive or present a ragged, unkempt, or extreme appearance.
    - The hair must present a tapered appearance. A tapered appearance is one where the outline of the male student’s hair conforms to the shape of the head, curving inward to the natural termination point at the base of the neck.
    - The hair will not fall over the ears or touch the collar, except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck.
    - The block-cut fullness in the back is permitted to a moderate degree, as long as the tapered look is maintained, styled off the face, looks neat and professional.  
    Female students hair must be of natural colour to herself, clean and well kept. 
    Hair that is shaved to the scalp is not allowed.

  • Piercings and Tattoos

    Male students are not allowed piercings of any kind. Female students are allowed ear piercings only. No other facial piercing is allowed. Any students found wearing inappropriate piercings will have the piercing confiscated and may be subject to further discipline. The College reserves the right to have tattoos that are deemed inappropriate or that contradict the Notre Dame philosophy or teachings covered at all times.


List of 3 items.

  • Culture of Philanthropy

    Hounds and Hound Families are the people who know firsthand the difference a Notre Dame education makes in a young person’s life and have a long tradition of “giving back” to a place that has given them so much. Notre Dame is the school it is today because of this culture of philanthropy, which has continued for over a century.

    Our Development and Alumni Team works to promote this culture of philanthropy and the school’s mission by fostering meaningful relationships within our surrounding community and around the world. We are committed to ensuring that each family, student and alumni has a positive, meaningful relationship with Notre Dame.

    We look forward to keeping parents and families informed and engaged with the many events, giving opportunities, and sponsorship options available. We also encourage alumni, parents, grandparents, and staff to participate actively in the daily lives of Hounds and provide financial support to help fund important programs. It is only through a highly engaged community that we can and offer a premier educational, athletic, and spiritual experience.

    We are extremely grateful for the growing community of supporters and are excited about the future for Notre Dame. Backed by the collective generosity of our supporters, we will be able to continue to make a difference in the lives of Hounds for generations to come.

    Why Give?
    Your support and participation helps protect the investment our Notre Dame community has been making for over 100 years, and ensures that future generations of Hounds have the same opportunities to excel as leaders. No gift is too small and every Hound benefits from the generous contributions received.

    Attending Athol Murray College is a privilege that not everyone can afford. Giving can contribute to our Bursary/Financial Aid program in which nearly 50% of our students benefitted from this past year. In addition, giving helps sustain our ability to provide a second-to-none athletic program; hockey, basketball, football and all high school sports benefit. Each gift, no matter the size, will continue to build our culture of philanthropy and positively impact Notre Dame’s future success and the success of our Hounds.
  • Ways to Give

    Notre Dame parents and families play a vital role in the success of our Annual Campaign, the HoundsFund. The HoundsFund not only enhances Notre Dame’s ability to achieve excellence in education and attract a diverse student body, it allows the College to allocate resources where they are needed most during the school year.

    Some of these resources include:
    • Student bursaries
    • Technology-based learning initiatives and classrooms equipped with the necessary equipment
    • Tutoring support for the Guided Learning Centre
    • Student activities programing
    • New equipment and uniforms for the Notre Dame Athletics program
    • Community service initiatives and programs
    • Facility upgrades

    We encourage annual giving through our direct mail appeal each fall, as well as our annual Day of Giving in May called “It’s a Hounds Thing” Day. This is a special day when Hounds and Hound families across the world can come together to celebrate our community and share their experiences as part of the Hound family.“It’s a Hounds Thing” Day continues to grow the level of support for our HoundsFund each year and has become one of our biggest annual fundraising events.

    Online donations to the HoundsFund can be made at any time and all gifts, no matter the size, make an impact. When you give to the HoundsFund, you join others in helping to provide an outstanding experience for Notre Dame students.

    Capital Projects
    Revitalizing the campus is critically important to continuing Notre Dame’s legacy of success in developing leaders. The Centennial Campaign is a capital campaign that will see the construction of a Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning as well as upgrades to our sports fields for student-athletes to take their skills to a higher level. These new and enhanced spaces will provide an environment for faculty and students to meet, teach, learn and grow.

    Graduating Class Gift
    Each year, parents and students of the graduating class contribute to the Graduating Class Gift. Through a Class Gift, chosen by the graduating class, Hounds commemorate their Notre Dame experience and create a new and enduring legacy for their class and for the graduates to come.

    Endowed Bursaries
    Throughout its first 100 years, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame has accumulated nearly 90 endowed bursary funds. These endowments are invested and their earnings provide a stable, reliable source of bursary funding to assist students and their families. Your gift to a Notre Dame endowed bursary will ensure that students continue to benefit from your support in perpetuity.

    Sponsorship Opportunities
    We offer numerous opportunities for individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations to partner with the college through sponsorship. The campus utilizes traditional methods, such as rink board advertising, jersey advertising and signage. More recently, new technology has been upgraded or installed to provide a bigger impact for our sponsors to include digital forms of advertising; Facebook, Instagram, website, email newsletters, arena lobby TV’s, and live-stream broadcasts – multiplying the audience for our sponsors. (This way, if you are a business from outside our community, you reap the benefits from viewers around the world).
    The Development Office is always looking for new innovative ways to maximize exposure for our current and potential sponsors.

    In many circumstances, parents of attending students who own a business find sponsorship with Athol Murray College of Notre Dame to be beneficial in exposing their business to Hounds from all over. Find our complete list of sponsorship opportunities in our sponsorship catalogue.

    How to Make Your Gift:
    • Cheque
      Credit Card (online or by phone)
    • Stocks & Securities
    • Matching Gifts
    • Gifts in Kind
    • SARCAN Virtual Bottle Drive (Saskatchewan)
    • Events throughout the year (Online 50/50, Jersey Auction, Merchandise sales)

    Contact our Development Office at (306) 732-1282 or for more information on making your gift to Notre Dame.
  • Notre Dame Community

    Notre Dame Alumni
    Whether your young Hound attends Notre Dame for one year, four years, or more, you are a valuable part of the College’s legacy and Notre Dame is a part of yours. Notre Dame has over 10,000 active Hound alumni living across the country and around the globe. Our goal is to help Hounds stay connected to friends, teammates, mentors, coaches and staff and to encourage alumni involvement in the life of the school. We stay in touch with our alumni and friends in a variety of ways including monthly e-newsletters and our semi-annual NewsHound publication.

    There are currently 8 Alumni Chapters that form our National Alumni Association (listed Alphabetically):
    • Alberta Alumni Association
    • American Alumni Chapter
    • Atlantic Canada Alumni Chapter
    • British Columbia Alumni Chapter
    • Manitoba Alumni Chapter
    • Ontario Alumni Chapter
    • Quebec Alumni Chapter
    • Saskatchewan Alumni Chapter

    Hounds Connect
    Hounds Connect is a new and exclusive alumni and friends online directory and networking platform designed to connect Hounds and Hounds everywhere. By accessing this platform on your desktop or through the convenient mobile app, our Notre Dame family can:
    • Find classmates
    • Connect with fellow alumni in your city and support local alumni businesses
    • Share pictures, stories and news
    • Participate in mentoring programs and common interest groups
    • Find or post employment opportunities
    • Attend Zoom events You can access Hounds Connect on your desktop computer, or visit for instructions on how to load the app on your mobile device.

    Annual Events
    Our Notre Dame family gathers for a number of unique events annually – watch for more information throughout the year and join us in support of our Hounds!
    • Registration Day (Sep)
    • Mandi Schwartz Memorial Tournament (Dec)
    • Parents Weekend (Feb)
    • International Women’s Day (Mar)
    • “It’s a Hounds Thing” Day (May)
    • Alumni Induction Dinner (May)
    • Alumni Weekend (May)
    • Graduation (June)

Finance Information

List of 3 items.

  • Banking

    Parents are required to set up a bank account through their home bank for their child’s personal spending money. Debit cards must be configured for cash withdrawals and purchases in Canada.
  • Hound Shop Payments

    All Hound Shop purchases may be made by credit card or debit card. No purchases from the Hound Shop will be placed on student accounts.
  • Student Fees

    Additional fees may be placed on the student account at the time of billing. These fees include athletic charges, cab fares, sick run, health-related prescription drugs and miscellaneous.

Spiritual Development

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  • Spiritual Development

    The roots of Notre Dame’s Spiritual Development Department can be traced to the founders of the school, the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis and Father (Père) Athol Murray. Father Murray often spoke of the “primacy of the spiritual.”

    While Catholic in traditions and teachings, Notre Dame College was founded on the ecumenical belief of “one God.” The attempt is made today to invite our students to explore their relationship with God and develop their own spirituality.

    A key early implementation has been the addition of an ecumenical service on Sundays. This allows our students the choice to attend either Sunday Mass at St. Augustine Parish located on campus or our Ecumenical Service at the Marshall Centre. At Mass, students have the opportunity to participate as ushers, altar servers and lectors. The practice of worship of God on the Lord's Day is an example of affirmation and support for the College's spiritual programs.

    Throughout the school year, students are given many opportunities to develop their spiritual being through many uplifting and fun-filled experiences.  Each student is required to complete 10 hours of ‘Works of Mercy’ service as part of the Christian Ethics class. Students may elect to go beyond the 10-hour commitment by participating in ‘Hounds for Humanity.’ Students are given the opportunity to participate in various causes and charitable events such as the Life Chain, Swim Program and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for a Cure - to name a few.

Student Activities & Leadership Opportunities

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  • Co-Curricular Activities

    Art Club
    The Art Club meets once a week and explores a variety of different artistic techniques in regards to art such as pottery, painting, etc.

    Choral and Music
    The Choral and Music Department organizes several performances throughout the year, including a choral trip that takes place in the spring. This department also helps students develop an interest in music with individual instrument instruction. Some students have bands that perform short concerts for the school on weekends and participate in a yearly talent show.

    The Drama Club produces two major productions each year. The first production, held at Christmas, features a classic Christmas story. The second production in the spring features a different story type each year. Auditions are open to all students.

    Multimedia Club
    The Multimedia Club offers opportunities for students to become
    involved in the digital world of photography, film, iMovie, and yearbook. Thousands of digital photographs fill Notre Dame’s campus boards, Vidigami photo gallery, yearbook and iMovie productions. Students digitally document every activity on campus and take great pride in being the ‘memory keepers’ of this generation of Hounds and their families. Through thousands of hours of volunteer work, our Multimedia Club members can be seen with cameras in hand at the arena, on the field and
    in the classroom. Multimedia Club members earn a Saskatchewan Learning Special Projects credit that is combined with their academic credit total for graduation. Students need to complete the required skills and earn a percentage grade.
  • Student Activities

    Throughout the academic year, our staff and students plan several events on campus. These activities include:

    Rodeo Day
    Rodeo Day takes place during the first week of each school year. Each student is assigned to a house (Woodchopper, Badger, Marauder or Gunner). They participate in competitions and earn points for their houses. Students dress in house colours and compete in several different activities.

    Grade 11 and 12 Leadership Days
    Grade 11 students have the opportunity to go to Camp Monahan during the last weekend of May. Students enjoy a weekend of organized games, archery, canoeing, cooking and campfire stories. During this event, the Grade 11 class is responsible for creating a motto for the upcoming school year. Grade 12 students have the opportunity to spend a day off-campus with staff and team building activities in September to grow together as a group and set the stage for a successful year as leaders in our school.

    Track and Field Day
    On Track and Field Day in early May, students have fun challenging each other in different events. The highlight of the day is always the student softball games.

    Outdoor Education Club
    The goal of the Outdoor Education Club is to expose students to leadership and team-building experiences in the outdoors of Western Canada. Students learn to plan, pack and work together on various challenging trips in all four seasons. They learn basic survival, backpacking, canoeing and meal planning, putting these skills to use in a real outdoor setting. At the end of the year, a five-day fly-in canoe trip on the Churchill River system completes the Outdoor Education Club experience.

    Dorm/Student Outings
    Throughout the year, House Parents organize outings to Regina for activities such as dinner and a movie, paintball or a stop at the mall for some shopping.

    Special Events
    Special events throughout the year include school dances, Red and White nights, movie nights, holiday events (e.g., haunted house) and other school activities. Many of these events are put on by our Student Representative Council.

    Terry Fox Run
    The Terry Fox Run is an annual event that takes place all over the world in remembrance of Terry Fox. Notre Dame has been participating in the run since its inception. Students in each dorm are challenged to earn house points by raising the highest amount of money. All proceeds are donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.

    Silver Blade Classic
    The Silver Blade Classic is a long-standing tradition at Notre Dame. Students put together co-ed hockey teams which compete in a week-long tournament against other students and a staff team. The week finishes off with a championship day featuring events such as a concert and barbecue.

    Winter Carnival
    Winter Carnival, held in February or March, is a fun event to help break those winter blues. Students compete in competitions such as broomball, obstacle course on ice, speed skating, dodgeball and many other great activities. The Winter Carnival concludes with a traditional staff vs. student hockey game.
  • Student Leadership at Notre Dame

    Notre Dame offers numerous opportunities for students to enhance and apply their leadership skills. Beyond the classroom, the sports fields and the ice rink, the College offers opportunities for students to learn and practice the fundamental Christian values of respect, tolerance, guidance, responsibility, selflessness, giving and honesty.

    House Leaders
    Grade 12 students are selected to assist House Parents in the daily operation of leading the students within the boarding and community environment.

    Works of Mercy
    Students at Notre Dame are required to perform a minimum of 10 hours of community service per year.

    Hounds for Humanity
    Students organize events in conjunction with local community groups. Examples include blood donation clinics, fundraising events, etc.

    Student Representative Council (SRC)
    SRC is a group of students who perform numerous functions at the College:
    • A recognized channel of communication between the College and the students.
    • Plan and promote various social functions.
    • Guide and support the College in the promotions of school spirit.
    • Promote an understanding of the rights and privileges, responsibilities and duties of the students.

Enrolment Team

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  • Photo of Scott Yanko

    Scott Yanko 

    Director of Enrolment and Marketing
  • Photo of Shauna Sherven

    Shauna Sherven 

    Family & Retention Specialist
  • Photo of Patricia Selinger

    Patricia Selinger 

  • Photo of Lauri Schmidt

    Lauri Schmidt 

    National Enrolment Officer
  • Photo of Randy Brenzen

    Randy Brenzen 

    International Enrolment Officer
  • Photo of Tiffany Dale

    Tiffany Dale 

    Enrolment Assistant

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