Welcome to Notre Dame, where academic excellence meets athletic dedication! We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition to the Notre Dame family, Officially the Volleyball program.

At Notre Dame, we pride ourselves on maintaining high academic standards while nurturing dedicated athletes. Our goal is to provide student-athletes with a fully immersive experience in a safe and supportive environment where they can hone their skills both on and off the court. With full access to the gymnasium, state-of-the-art fitness centre, and coaches with a certified & concrete competitive background in their sports, this is a place where student-athletes thrive.

Our Volleyball program offers opportunities for both female and male athletes at various skill levels competing in National, International, and Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association leagues and tournaments:
  • Female Varsity
  • Female Jr. Varsity
  • Male Varsity
  • Male Jr. Varsity
But that's not all! We are excited to announce our plans to launch a Women's High-Performance Club Team for the 2024-2025 season, offering a platform for our athletes to compete at the highest levels.

Looking ahead, we have ambitions to expand our offerings even further. In the near future, we aim to introduce Women's and Men's Over 18+ Prep Teams, providing athletes with a second chance to pursue their dreams of playing at the collegiate level and beyond.

At Notre Dame, we believe in empowering our student-athletes to reach their full potential, both academically and athletically. We strive to provide student-athletes with a college-like experience. Athletes are expected to carry a full academic workload, contribute to the community, and be fully committed to their athletics, which includes but is not limited to on and off-court training, sport-specific classes, mental training, nutrition, high-intensity workouts, video breakdown, and more. 

Gain exclusive insights into our volleyball program and the renowned Notre Dame facility by delving into the details of this year's (2024) Summer Camp schedule. Embarking on a journey through four meticulously crafted camps tailored for a range of age groups spanning across July and August, we ensure a diverse offering catering to all skill levels, from budding enthusiasts to elite athletes. Navigate effortlessly to the top bar, hover over volleyball, and glide down to explore our summer volleyball camps. 

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey together in the world of volleyball! Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we continue to grow and develop our program. Go Hounds!


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Where student-athletes experience the full spectrum of what our institution has to offer. Our varsity teams are high school division athletes who will compete from September to the end of November, embodying the spirit of academic excellence and athletic dedication.
As members of our varsity teams, athletes will immerse themselves in the Notre Dame experience, balancing a rigorous academic workload with intensive volleyball training. In addition to their regular academic studies, athletes will participate in volleyball-specific classes tailored to enhance their skills on the court. They will also engage in personalized fitness training sessions, ensuring they are in peak physical condition to perform at their best.
Representing Notre Dame in the SHSAA league, our varsity teams have the honor of showcasing their talents on a competitive stage. With the opportunity to compete in city-wide and provincial tournaments, athletes will have the chance to demonstrate their skills and bring pride to our school.
Despite the short duration of the high school volleyball season, athletes will learn and grow exponentially, absorbing valuable lessons and experiences in a condensed time frame. Through dedication, hard work, and teamwork, our varsity volleyball teams embody the spirit of excellence both on and off the court, exemplifying the Notre Dame ethos of striving for greatness in all endeavors. The best of these athletes will have the opportunity to continue playing the rest of the year, on our High Performance Club teams.
Introducing our exciting new venture. These teams offer dedicated athletes the opportunity to continue their volleyball journey from December to May, operating at an elite level with year-round access to our state-of-the-art facilities.
Even as a non-students at Notre Dame, athletes will still have the opportunity to participate in off-court volleyball classes, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their development. With practices scheduled three to five days a week, athletes will engage in a rigorous training regimen that includes video breakdown sessions, individual training sessions, and weekly volleyball-specific workouts.
Our High-Performance Club Volleyball Teams will compete in prestigious tournaments such as Sask Cups, where their performance will earn our team provincial and possibly national rankings. But the excitement doesn't stop there. These teams will also hit the road, participating in three to eight traveling tournaments across Canada and potentially even internationally. From the far east to the west of Canada and beyond, athletes will gain invaluable experience competing at a university-level format.
With a focus on pushing each athlete to be their best, our High-Performance Club Volleyball Teams at Notre Dame provide a platform for dedicated athletes to excel and pursue their passion for volleyball at the highest level. Join us for a full year and many years to come, of volleyball.

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