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Mission Statement

Our goal at Notre Dame is to develop the best sport specific training program for our athletes. We provide expert Strength & Conditioning coaching to all Notre Dame athletics, offering a demanding and intense environment in which student-athletes are eager to train. The primary mission of the Strength & Conditioning program at Notre Dame College is to increase athleticism, reduce injury and increase mental & physical toughness.

Training Philosophy

At Notre Dame, the Strength & Conditioning specialists strive to create a positive training environment that will give each student-athlete the very best opportunity to achieve a higher level of performance. All student-athletes are taught key movement patterns and put through core stability training programs. Functional movement and exercises implemented are ideal for stimulating the physiological rigors of athletic competition. This ensures that athletes leave Notre Dame with the necessary physical literacy to compete in any sport at any level.

Individualized sports-specific training programs are available and designed to meet each athlete’s needs. The true success of any training program is in the implementation. We believe that facilitating performance-centered learning rather than instructor-dependent teaching creates trust and adherence to the prescribed training session and program. Educating the athlete throughout the process facilitates an athletes desire to train Harder and Smarter. Our training programs promote Competition, Accountability, Discipline and Integrity. Training times are held before school, during PE Blocks and after school.

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  • Notre Dame Students and Faculty

    Notre Dame Students and faculty are permitted to use the Maier Performance Training Centre at the convenience of the Strength & Conditioning Specialists (which must be present). This privilege must not interfere with team training sessions.
  • Performing Training Centre Testing

    Student-athletes progress will be monitored through the periodic testing of fundamental performance testing protocols presented by the Strength & Conditioning Team. Testing usually takes place at the beginning and end of a training cycle, as for Notre Dame Athletes, testing is administered at least 3 times a year. This provides athletes with the necessary data to gain access to deficiencies and make adjustments to their programs as well as evaluate performance.
  • Specialists

    Notre Dame is fortunate to have its very own Certified Speed, Strength & Conditioning Specialists who will conduct sport-specific training sessions in a team environment, design and implement safe and effective programs that encompass all aspects of performance such as agility, speed, strength, power, metabolic conditioning, flexibility, recovery and regeneration (with an emphasis on proper technique and safety), as well as provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.
  • Team Workouts

    The Strength & Conditioning Team incorporates team training sessions during the season in which all members of the team participate in training as a cohesive unit. Instruction, supervision, and enthusiasm from the Strength & Conditioning Specialists are administered to the entire team. This promotes a common work ethic, team unity, discipline, competition, intensity and most importantly accountability. Each team will attend an annual orientation of the Maier Performance Training Centre where the Strength & Conditioning Specialists will review the Honor Code relating to the rules and regulations of the facility and address expectations of all athletes.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

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