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"Come on kid, let me tell you what it means to be a Notre Dame Hound".
If one could picture Father Athol Murray walking down the main street of Wilcox, Saskatchewan, one can easily envision Pere approaching a young student in a gruff, but warm, fatherly tone welcoming the new student to Notre Dame College.

Father Murray left this earth in 1975 but the Notre Dame that he built together with the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis remains with us to this day as it has since its inception in 1920.

Rooted in the Catholic tradition, but open to students of all faiths, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame puts a strong emphasis on delivering an education and character formation based on the beliefs and principles of Christian Humanism.

We have a balanced approach as we pay attention to the development of the mind, the body, and the spirit all within a community environment. The underlying beliefs that there is a God, that God has revealed Himself to us in the flesh and the Word and that God wishes to grace us or help us are absolutely fundamental to life at Notre Dame.

"To Him who does what in Him lies God will not deny His Grace" –the great quote from St. Augustine of Hippo, not only inspired Father Murray but also is the driving inspiration that assists our students.

Our students are challenged to achieve with character in all that they do. Father Murray's many letters, speeches and lectures have left us with a beautiful little paradigm in regards to fulfilling this.


Place yourself Under God.

Take individual initiative.

Take up your enterprise and do it for the community.

If possible do it with the community.

Most of all do it with chivalry, with courage, with the right motivation.

We introduce this piece of wisdom to all of our students and even invite our guests, visitors and parents to ponder this ideal. After all, the College wants all who walk our grounds, study in our classrooms, engage in our athletic competitions or simply live in our community, to have what we call the Notre Dame experience.

God Bless,

Rob Palmarin, B. Ed., M.A.
President, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame

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