Celebrating 100 Years Of Notre Dame!
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Centennial Campaign Goal $24 Million


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  • Centre For Excellence in Teaching And Learning

    Learning happens in many different ways at Notre Dame, and the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will support them all. This new facility and gateway to the campus is the future “public face” of Notre Dame. It reaffirms Notre Dame is a school passionate about providing the highest quality, well-rounded educational experience.

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  • Enhancing Physical Activity Spaces

    Student-athletes will take their skills to a higher level –and add to the Hounds’ tradition of excellence –in facilities that support training and competition at the national level. The health and well-being of all student will be enhanced with opportunities to get active and learn lifelong skills in these new spaces.
“Dream your dream, make it a great dream and dream it greatly.” Père Athol Murray

Naming Opportunities

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    Centennial Campaign Director

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    President and Director of Education

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    Director of Development & Alumni Relations
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