Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
Humanitarian Award Winners
Candidates will be selected from individuals who have a deeply rooted belief in God, outstanding personal values, take responsibility for their own lives and are able to serve the true needs of our society in Canada and the World. 
Gerald J. Maier’46 O.C.,C.D.,LL.D.,FCAE,FEC.
Chancellor of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
In appreciation and recognition for his contributions to Education, Canada, International Business, Leadership, Engineering, Sport, Ecumenical Unity and Notre Dame. 
Sisters of Charity of St. Louis
Founded for the education of poor girls
Honoured for their commitment to youth, the poor and their outstanding contribution to Catholic education. 
Dr. Olive Dickason'45
An Aboriginal Historian
For documented history, insight and in uence into the lives and culture of First Nations People in Canada. 
Rick Hansen
Creator of the Rick Hansen Foundation
For your dedication to striving for a world open to all. Your Contributions as a leader by your action. An Innovator by your courage and determination and for your belief that anything is possible. 
Grant D. Sylvester'52
A Hound dedicated to the Glory of God
For your contribution as a Father, Teacher, Innovator, Author, Leader of Men and Women, and servent of the greater good. 
Francis J. Germann'44
Director Emeritus Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
In Appreciation and recognition of his deeply rooted belief in God, his personal values, his ability to take responsibility for his own life, serving the true needs of our society in Canada and the world. 
Daryl (Doc) K. Seaman
Creator of the Daryl K. Seaman Foundation
For his outstanding contributions to education, to sport, to his roots and his community.
Frederick W. Hill
Chancellor of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
For outstanding and distinguished service in the eld of Humanities. 
President Gerald R. Ford
President of the United States of America
For outstanding, distinguished service and devotion to God and Man. 
Catherine de Hueck Doherty
Founder of Madonna House Apostolate
For her work of love, devotion, scholarship and service to mankind. 
Honourable John Diefenbaker
Prime Minister of Canada
For Outstanding and distinguished service to Canada.

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