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Athol Murray College is home to 300 students, historically representing all of the provinces and territories of Canada and up to 15 different countries. Notre Dame has a long history of successfully graduating international students, who go on to attend universities in Canada, the USA and abroad. Notre Dame is a safe and welcoming environment where students can focus on their academics, benefit from supportive peers and staff, and become involved in a broad spectrum of athletic and co-curricular activities.

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The EAL (English as an Additional Language) program at Notre Dame is designed to provide students with an opportunity to advance their English proficiency regardless of their entry level. This is a program in which most students will start as beginner/intermediate, working towards reaching the advanced level by the end of their Notre Dame experience. The program uses various group sizes to ensure that students work on reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The course instructor will use differentiated material to adapt to the various learning levels.
In later levels of proficiency, the EAL course may also be used as a support class for other subjects. Abiding by the Effective Practice Guidelines for EAL (Saskatchewan Ministry of Education), students will be instructed in both Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills and Cognitive Academic Language proficiency. Students are also introduced to Canadian culture, content, and experiences.

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