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The physical, mental and emotional health of each student is a very important part of the College's responsibility to parents and students. Notre Dame's Health Care Facility is staffed by Registered Nurses/Licensed Practical Nurse, who will look after the health needs of your child while in boarding at the college.
Notre Dame has full time Athletic Training Coordinators who assess and deliver prescribed treatments. Counselling services are provided, when required, by Child & Youth Services, or independent counselling services from Regina. The independent counselling services are at the parent's expense. The counselling services are accessed once consent is given by the parent.

All out-of-country students will be required to apply for Saskatchewan Health Coverage upon arrival in September. Please be sure students have a Study Permit in order or in the case of Canadians living out of the country, a Birth Certificate will be required.

Prescription drugs are ordered by our doctors and filled by Shopper's Drug Mart. Official receipts for prescriptions will be sent with the student's monthly bill. Non-prescription drugs (e.g. cough syrup, pain medication, decongestants) will be dispensed, from time to time by our health care staff. No medication is to be kept in the dormitory by students unless it is first approved by Health Care.

Please do not send any medication to your son or daughter through the mail. Any invasive procedure will require informed consent by a parent/legal guardian.

All students are encouraged to develop healthy eating habits, good personal hygiene and maintain a positive outlook. Should you have any concerns about the welfare of your son/daughter, please contact Health Care at any time. In the event, your child becomes seriously ill or injured while at the College, our nursing staff will notify you at the earliest opportunity.


The Health Care facility includes fourteen infirmary beds. Nurses are on duty in the clinic:
  •  Monday through Friday: 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  •  The nursing staff covers evenings and weekends on-call.
During these hours students may see the nurse for any of their health-related concerns.

When Health Care staff is not available, your child's House Parent will look after the health of the students in the dormitory. It must be clearly understood that the College Doctors act in the capacity of College Team Doctors'. This means that NO student participates in the College Sports Program against the advice of the team Doctors.

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