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Respectful Student Conduct

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame emphasizes a safe and supportive environment. Our expectations are that all Notre Dame Students conduct themselves with honour*, integrity*, respect*, and dignity*. The Notre Dame Man and Woman is our standard for student conduct on and off campus. Disciplinary action at Notre Dame promotes positive behavioural change through the application of consequences for negative behavior. Correction of a student's misconduct becomes part of the learning experience and accountability.  Notre Dame promotes and teaches a culture of developing young men and women to become purposeful leaders with virtuous character.
  1. All students must read and sign the Notre Dame Student Code of Conduct at the start of every school year.
  2. All students must read and sign the Social Media and Networking Agreement at the start of every school year.
  3. All students must complete the Respect in School online training at the start of the first year that they attend Notre Dame.
*Definitions: (Source:  Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
  • Honour – n. a keen sense of ethical (following acceptable rules of behavior; morally right and good) conduct
  • Integrity – n. the quality of being honest and fair
  • Respect – n. a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important and should be treated in an appropriate way
  • Dignity – n. the quality of being worthy of honour and respect

As many Canadians are now aware, a culture of permissiveness towards hazing rituals and initiation rites existed in the past in many sporting and educational institutions. Further, Canadians have more information about a sorry history of serious abuse by individuals in positions of responsibility in many sports organizations and schools.

While Notre Dame has long prided itself as being committed to providing an exceptional academic, athletic and spiritual experience, we recognize with great regret that there may have been a period of time when that same culture of permissiveness existed on our campus.

Please be assured that in our efforts to develop young men and women as purposeful leaders of virtuous character, Notre Dame remains committed to maintaining a safe environment and creating a positive, welcoming culture. Notre Dame takes proactive steps to educate both staff (including teachers and house parents) and students in regard to proper behaviour in all areas of campus life.

Hazing and other demeaning activities are simply not acceptable at Notre Dame. Notre Dame recognizes that every individual student is to be respected and treated with dignity.  If a student believes they are experiencing abuse or bullying, they are encouraged to come forward and report such activity.  To the extent that such activities may be illegal, Notre Dame cooperates fully with the appropriate legal authorities to ensure that such activities are dealt with appropriately in the justice system.

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