Using the “Final Report on Religion and Spirituality at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame – October, 2016” as a guide, the Board of Regents also approved what is to be considered the official philosophy for Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.   In doing so, the Board of Regents readopted the official philosophy taken from the 1983 – Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Act, and its key article 4which states:

“The college, founded by Father Athol Murray and the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis, under the patronage of Notre Dame Our Lady, is a residential and coeducational college dedicated to the primacy of the spiritual in true Christian education , with the aims of:

(a) developing individuals with deeply rooted personal values, ready to take responsibility for their own lives and able to serve the true needs of our society in Canada and the world;

(b) maintaining a program of studies and of religious, cultural and social activities, with a special emphasis on athletics, and facilitating the experience of community life in the college through cooperation and competition in the context of the prairie village of Wilcox; and

(c) recognizing its roots in the traditions of the Roman Catholic Church but maintaining an ecumenical outlook, encouraging all of its faculty and students to seek God, put their faith in Him and live in accordance with their belief.”            

The 1983 Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Act, and in particular article 4, will be the official document to be used when articulating the College’s purpose and philosophy.

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