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The Archives Museum book collections date back to the 13th century and are housed in a Rare Book Vault.
Members of the Alumni Association of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame longed for an Archives/Museum building on campus for many years. They were influenced by the need to ensure the safe storage and display of memorabilia that had accumulated over 65 years. 

The Alberta Branch of the Alberta Alumni Association began spearheading plans to construct the Archives Museum on campus. The Archives Museum officially opened its doors to the public at Allapodreda weekend in May 1993.

This facility was built to preserve the heritage and remarkable history of Notre Dame College and its founder Father Athol Murray.
What you will find at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Archives Museum:
  • Background of Father Athol Murray
  • Replica of Father Murray's Office in Lane Hall
  • Campus Past, Present and Future
  • Rare Book Vault
  • Hockey Hall of Fame Display
  • Nicholas de Grandmaison Original Pastels and Oils
  • Parthenon Friezes / Nike of Samothrace and Apollo of Belvedere
  • War Display
  • A piece of the Berlin Wall
  • Rex Beach Repository

and so much more.
Archives Hours:
For the safety of our staff & students, visitors are permitted by appointment only.

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Director of Development & Alumni Relations
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