NCAA Basketball Coaches are Visiting Saskatchewan

North Pole Hoops
The rise and growth of attention the West Coast has received is a great step forward and an indication of just how much talent exists.
The NPA wants to continuously grow out west and bring more attention to the talent that is waiting to be discovered. Currently, both BC Christian Prep and the Notre Dame Hounds have been putting a great spotlight on all the west coast talent.

NPH National scout and NPA founder Tariq Sbiet has already seen a huge impact that the league is making with NCAA schools taking trips to see what the west coast has to offer.

“We’re excited about the growth of the league in Western Canada with Saskatchewan and British Columbia’s programs, BC Christian and Notre Dame taking a leadership position. We’ve already seen the impact that the league has had on the programs and of course the student-athletes.”

Building the Western Conference is a top priority for the NPA.

Sbiet continued to say, “Jashon Henry has picked up full scholarship opportunities, and having these programs visit Wilcox, Saskatchewan. NCAA basketball programs making a trip out to Wilcox is unprecedented but something we are very proud of. As the league continues to grow and these programs continue to produce top notch talent, expect that trend to grow.”

Division 1 programs including Tulane University, Drexel University and James Madison University that have made the trip up to Wilcox. Henry is top talent that heads the West coast class and has already received an offer from St. Bonaventure University.



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