Notre Dame Hounds open state-of-the-art off ice hockey skills training facility

Notre Dame Hounds Raising the Roof on Canadian Hockey Hounds open state-of-the-art off ice hockey skills training facility

Wilcox, SK December 11,2016 The Notre Dame Hounds are excited for the grand opening of the addition of a 4,200 square foot state-of-the-art off-ice hockey training facility to the Duncan McNeill Arena, located on the campus of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.

This facility is made possible through a $1,000,000 in gifts from the Daryl K. Seaman Canadian Hockey Fund at the Calgary Foundation and friends of Daryl K. Seaman. Initiated by Paul J. Hill, long-time patron of Notre Dame and friend to Daryl Seaman, this project will leave a legacy for Doc at Notre Dame, a school to which he was a great supporter and friend.

The facility will boast an impressive 3,000 square foot open synthetic ice surface with enclosed area featuring boards for goalie and player specific training, synthetic-ice shooting lanes, a Rapid Shot Machine, Rapid Hands Machines and a flexible use skills area for puck handling and passing. This facility will be able to handle 20-25 athletes at a time.

The Off Ice Hockey Skills Facility will be adjoining the Duncan McNeill’s already impressive Olympic size ice surface, Maier High Performance Strength and Conditioning Facility, skating treadmill, 12 home team dressing rooms equipped with video capabilities and an athletic sport therapy training room featuring a cold and hot tub.
“The new skills training area provides a state of the art facility for the Notre Dame Hound student athletes to assist in their overall skill development”, said General Manager of Hockey, Jeremy Mylymok. “This facility will provide our players and coaches with the resources to work on specific skill development, which in turn, will transfer to better on ice performance for our athletes and innovation of training methods to be shared with hockey programs across Canada.”

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame offers high school students an ideal environment for their development to become well-rounded, high achieving, successful adults, not only as athletes, but as business and community leaders. Notre Dame enables young adults to see what they are capable of achieving in their lives, and provides each of them the tools to achieve their goals.

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is private independent high school, located in Wilcox, Saskatchewan. 

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