2023 Father Athol Murray Award Presentation

The Award is presented to the Notre Dame student who best exemplifies the characteristics, principles and ideals of Father Athol (Pere) Murray:
  • who embodies an awareness of the spiritual
  • who demonstrates leadership through deeds and actions
  • who communicates effectively with and inspires others
  • who shows exemplary moral conduct, coupled with the courage to act according to his/her convictions.
The award also recognizes the individual's respect for his/her peers and for the larger community, along with sensitivity to social and cultural values.

2023 Father Athol Murray Award Recipient
Julianna Herman
This year’s recipient is a four-year Hound, a House Leader and has easily earned the respect of fellow Hounds, Notre Dame Faculty and other staff on campus.  This student leads by example, communicates well with others and continues to be an excellent role model daily.
Our recipient is a key leader on campus and a strong competitor, inspiring others to be a better version of themselves.  This person participates in all areas of student life.  They are able to balance their academics with athletics and other extra-curricular activities.  They are eager to volunteer their time and share their talents with others in roles they take on in sharing their faith or helping coordinate student activities.
This year’s recipient demonstrates the ability to hold themselves and their peers accountable while remaining calm and kind.  They are humble and yet continue to preserver when faced with challenges.  This person has the ability to show empathy yet offer sound advice when needed.
The student being honoured today is a confident leader with a fun personality who shows up ready to work-hard and naturally creates a Notre Dame community everyone wants to be a part of.  They exemplify the ideals of Pere through their kindness, humility, leadership and consideration of others.
Congratulations to the recipient of the 2023 Father Athol Murray Award, Julianna Herman.

WATCH the Presentation with Guest Speaker Eldon Rondeau '63

We extend congratulations to the other 2023 nominees for the award:
  • Marck Almero
  • Gabe Bugeaud
  • Maclean Cooney
  • Virginia Harazny
  • Nicky Hui
  • Antoine Lavigne
  • Aden Miller
  • Caitlin Nichols
  • Katrina Ocampo
  • Vincent Palmarin
  • Alyssa Rasmuson
  • Raelyn Reinson
  • Brogan Young


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