4 Seasons of Reconciliation

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As Athol Murray College of Notre Dame continues to move forward with our Strategic Plan and as part of Notre Dame’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call to actions, the College wishes to inform her stakeholders that beginning in January of 2021, our faculty began working through the “4 Seasons of Reconciliation modules”.  As of May 1, 2021, all of our faculty have completed the “4 Seasons of Reconciliation” modules.
The “4 Seasons of Reconciliation” is an innovative journey of reconciliation. This resource is designed to provide staff and students with an introduction to reconciliation in Canada. This multi-media education unit promotes a receptive environment for inquiry-based learning and adopts the concepts of historical thinking. This resource uses reliable Indigenous sources to introduce staff and students to reconciliation.  “4 Seasons of Reconciliation”  explores themes, ideas and topics in Canadian history from Indigenous perspectives and following Indigenous principles developed with a “4 Seasons” Advisory Circle.  The  Indigenous Advisory Circle is composed of a wide range of Indigenous partners from Canada’s oldest Indigenous-led post-secondary institution, First Nations University of Canada, to Elders, Knowledge Keepers and educators.
The next step for the College is for the full Notre Dame staff to complete the modules from June-August of 2021.  Listening to Indigenous voices is a key necessary step towards recognizing, understanding and having Indigenous culture permeate our formal curriculum in the classroom and our informal curriculum outside of the classroom.

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