Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Excited to Launch Centennial Campaign

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
Almost 100 years ago, Pere Athol Murray brought a bold dream to live in an improbable place – Wilcox, Saskatchewan. Opened as Notre Dame of the Prairies in 1920 by Father Benoit and the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis, the story of one of Canada’s most remarkable and celebrated educational institutions began.

Today, Notre Dame is committed to continuing Pere’s dream by delivering an outstanding, integrated learning experience through ‘Mind, Body & Spirit’. The school has charted a bold path forward that continues the legacy of the past, recognizes the challenges of the present and lays the foundation for exceptional learning opportunities for future generations.

Our robust student body and dynamic programs require the College to move from ageing facilities to a brand new 21st-century learning space.   The Notre Dame campus is so important to our students’ overall learning experience, it is imperative it is able to support the kind of learning that happens at Notre Dame. 
Good enough is never good enough at Notre Dame, and the school has embarked on an ambitious plan to rejuvenate the campus.  The first major infrastructure to be added will be The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will provide the structural space where the academic vision of offering a 21st-century education is taken to a new level, preparing students to be leaders in all facets of community and industry. Employing technology and providing flexible spaces with abundant natural light, the Centre enables students to take greater ownership of their education. Collaboration among students and faculty in the delivery of all subjects creates an environment that adapts to meet learners’ needs Program design and facility furnishing foster movement, and teaching that reflects the kind of students who thrive at Notre Dame: active, mobile and team-oriented. 


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