2017 - 2018 Notre Dame Hockey Award Winners

Notre Dame Hounds
Midget AAA Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Quinn Schmiemann 
Most Valuable Player: Brad Morrissey
Most Dedicated Player: Cody Lehner 
Most Dedicated Players: Nolan Renwick
Most Improved Player: Ethan Ernst
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Cordel Larson
Midget AAA Argos
Most Valuable Player: Keaton Sorensen
Most Dedicated Player: Tanner Mortenson
Most Improved Player: Qaritaq Kusugak-Clark
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Jackson Russell 
Midget AA South Sask. Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Jett Arminen
Most Dedicated Player: Bryce Feldbusch
Most Improved Player: Karsten Gorrill
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Aedan Osika
Midget AA South Sask. Argos
Most Valuable Player: Zach Jelley
Most Dedicated Player: Jayden Mosiondz 
Most Improved Player: Ben Edwards
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kevin Gould
Midget AA Hockey Regina Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Erik Herman
Most Dedicated Player: Mehtab Sivia
Most Improved Player: Alex Daves
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Casin Buckmeier
Midget AA Hockey Regina Argos
Most Valuable Player: Durban Hleboff
Most Dedicated Player: Quincey Johnson
Most Improved Player: Anthony Walker
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Will Dobson
Female AAA Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Kaitlyn Ross
Most Dedicated Player: Kendra Zuchotzki 
Most Improved Player: Jada Livingston
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Jill Schmidt
Female AA Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Stephanie Runciman
Most Valuable Player: Raea Gilroy
Most Dedicated Player: Brynn MacLean
Most Improved Player: Madison Morris
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Eliyah Raine
Bantam AAA Hounds
Most Valuable Player: David Doucet
Most Dedicated Player: Kevin Anderson
Most Improved Player: Cale Ambrozic
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Kyle Bochek
Bantam AA Hounds
Most Valuable Player: Cody Walker
Most Dedicated Player: Cody Creasy
Most Improved Player: Dayvan Bull
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Triston Mirasty
Dalton Dwyer Memorial Award Winner: Luke Mylymok, Midget AAA Hounds
Terry O’Malley Coach of the Year:Devan Praught and Kevin White, Midget AAA Hounds
Ken Bahm Team of the Year:Midget AAA Hounds

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