Terry McGarry

Former Staff Member
London, England
  • Publishing his works in the early 1980s and due to the increasing requests for copies of his poems leading to the formation of his small business – “Terry’s Tender Tidings”
  • His works have been exhibited across the country in many cities And several of his poems have been published in books & magazines
  • Notre Dame College Archivist & awarded the Alumni Medal of Honour 2005-2012

“What is the value of a first-class education? Each person will have his or her own answer to that question. Certainly, our founder, Father Athol Murray, believed a broad-based holistic approach, educating body, mind and spirit to be the most important thing you can give a person, so perhaps he would have answered “priceless.” Today the school that bears his name and carries on his legacy remains a shining testament to that value and everything he believed in. ”
– Terry McGarry, 2011

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