Maurice (Mo) Bundon'71

Vice-Chairman and Advisor, The Hill Companies
Class of 1971
Prince Albert, SK
  • Vice-Chairman and Advisor, The Hill Companies
  • Senior VP & Chief Operating Officer, Harvard Development Inc.
  • Vice President of the 1995 Grey Cup Committee
  • Executive Vice president to the 2005 Canada Summer Games.
  • Co-Founder and Director of One Life Makes A Difference
  • Red Cross Humanitarian Award in 2009
Silver Hound
  • Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Chairman of the Board
  • Frank Germann Alumnus Volunteer of the Year in 2005
  • Athol Murray College Medal of Honour in 2007

“My experience at Notre Dame fostered the essential skills, values and work ethic I needed to complete university studies and, years later, still translates into my business career and community involvement. Living on campus was both memorable and meaningful; I had the opportunity to build strong, respectful and trusting relationships. Most importantly, Notre Dame instilled personal character. In the classroom and sports, Notre Dame taught me how to make well-informed decisions, understand the importance of being flexible, and most importantly, be thankful.”
~Mo Bundon

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