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Academic Expectations for Post Graduates

Academic Schedule
Semester 1                                                                                             Semester 2
September – February 1                                                                       February 1 – TBD

8:45am Assembly
Post Grads will reside on campus until the end of their seaon.  The second semester program will be more flexible and will allow for the following opportunities:
HPPE – Assigned Class PE Credit
Community service/ on campus and otherwise
CE – Christian Ethics 30 (if credit has not already been acquired)
Potential Employment Opportunities on campus
* Depending on availability.
One additional 30 level credit
Training and practice time and access to the facilities
Access to the Post Secondary Class aligned with the Junior A program – September to December – cost covered
Continuation of Post Secondary class - Cost to Student
Recommendation to take an additional University class online
– cost to student
Continued Access to Tablet and academic space until end of season.

Additional Information:

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  • Academic Information

    • Access to tablet program is included.
    • Access to teacher support time – Student Conference and GLC is included.
    • Interview with Guidance Personnel in the fall to discuss University application process and eligibility is included.
    • Down time during the academic day – they are permitted to be flexible between the Library/Gym/Weight Room/Dorm

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  • Boarding Program

    • They will reside in Seaman Hall – they will be absorbed in the main dorm area if there is room, otherwise the downstairs overflow area will be made available.
    • They will abide by the campus rules around drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
    • They will be permitted to have access to their phones.
    • They will be permitted curfew exceptions when appropriate and only if communicated with the House Parenting staff.
    • Cars will be permitted for transport to and from campus at the start and finish of programming periods.  They will turn their keys in to the House Parent and we will provide a designated parking area.  Access to vehicles during the week will be limited (at the discretion of the House Parent in communication with the coach and parents) and they are under no circumstances permitted to transport undergraduate boarding students.
Phone: (306) 732-1203
Toll Free: 1 (888) 404-6863 ext:1203
Fax: (306) 732-4409

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