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    • Centennial Campaign

“Dream your dream, make it a great dream, and dream it greatly.”
-Père Athol Murray

The heart of Athol Murray College Notre Dame is its people. The campus is where learning happens, students live, meaningful relationships are forged, athletes train and life lessons are learned. Together, the people and the campus are the glue that binds together a Notre Dame education.

A school like no other prepares students for success like no other.

The integration of campus location, academic rigour, athletic excellence, and school engagement develops the whole person in ways that are unparalleled. Notre Dame enables students to dream greatly and to acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve those dreams. To continue this legacy, Notre Dame must respond and evolve to changing needs.

Over the years, the quality of Notre Dame’s academic and athletic programs has outpaced the campus’ ability to support them. Many buildings we built decades ago are nearing the end of their practical life cycle and are beginning to show their age. Revitalization is required to meet the challenging needs of 21st-century students to support flexible learning, collaborative workspaces, and modern technological resources. 
The Seaman-Hill Hockey Skills Centre now meets the off-ice training needs of our male and female student-athletes playing hockey. However, more work needs to be done to create quality athletic experiences for the Hounds who participate in field sports.

Notre Dame has built a great reputation. Now it’s time to build the campus that keeps that reputation strong.
$7.9 M
$4.6 M
$2.3 M
$5.2 M

Campaign Total : $20 million GOAL

Received $7.9 million Includes: Pledges Realized; Restricted Sylvester Donation for the “Living Arts”; Investment Earnings
Pledges Remaining $4.6 million
Province of Saskatchewan $2.3 million
New Funds Required $5.2 million
The College is in the midst of our Centennial Campaign with a goal to raise $20 million to revitalize the campus and the services it provides to students and athletes. The purpose of the Centennial Campaign is to provide our Hounds with an exceptional campus, with facilities and amenities that allow them to excel and grow as leaders academically, athletically, artistically, and as virtuous human persons.

Everyone has experienced the impact of COVID-19 and so have we. Our original Centennial Campaign plan was to build a single new academic building and new athletic fields. Over the past two years, there have been some challenges that have impacted our plans and the College’s Board of Regents made the decision to pivot.
Why the pivot?  There are a number of factors: 
  • The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on donors and the economic timeline of donations;  
  • The rapid deterioration of some of our buildings, such as the two Art rooms; and 
  • The historical practice of Notre Dame trying to be as resourceful as possible by repurposing and getting the most life out of our buildings.

With a new plan, the Centennial Campaign will still enhance our campus and support Notre Dame’s programming, building a legacy for the 21st century. It will strengthen our mission of offering our students an exceptional educational and boarding experience with a balance of strong academic, athletic and spiritual growth in a safe and caring prairie environment.

Our new plan

With the support of our Notre Dame community, the Centennial Campaign will be achievable through upcoming projects:
  • Phase One (Complete)

    Seaman-Hill Hockey Skills Centre: $1 million
    Revitalization of McCusker Hall to Presidents Hall: $1.2 million
    Infrastructure Upgrades: $1.3 million
    The first phase of our Centennial Campaign has been successful with the addition of the Off-Ice Training facility in 2017, revitalization of McCusker to Presidents Hall in 2021, and a number of campus infrastructure upgrades completed from 2019 to 2021. These upgrades included necessities such as hockey dressing rooms, sewer lines, boilers, heating and cooling systems, washrooms, shingles, kitchen equipment, pathways, and much more.

  • Phase Two (2022)

    Revitalization and Expansion of Carr Hall: $5.4 million
    Renovation of Kenney Hall Classrooms (Part 1): $300,000
    Drainage Project (Dugout Expansion) and Demolition: $350,000
    The second phase of the Centennial Campaign includes new and renovated academic facilities in 2022 to rejuvenate aging buildings and breathe new life into the campus.

    A revitalization and expansion of Carr Hall will provide new science labs and learning spaces for the visual and language arts. Kenney Hall’s upstairs classrooms will also be renovated to serve various academic programming needs. With these new and rejuvenated campus spaces, Notre Dame is creating an outstanding learning environment that enables creativity and research.

    Various site work will also be part of this phase including the initial stage of a drainage project to expand the dugoutas well as demolition of Maynard House, the Art buildings, and the White House which have reached the end of their usable lives.

  • Phase Three (2023-2024)

    New Centre of Excellence: $6.3 million
    Renovation of Kenny Hall Classrooms (Part 2): $250,000
    Drainage Project cont’d (Storm Sewers and Parking Lots): $1 million
    The third phase of the Centennial Campaign includes new construction of a 14,000 square-foot Centre of Excellence. This new facility will provide assembly space for student gatherings, living arts study and performance, academic and co-curricular work, guest speaker and award presentations, graduation commencement, and more!

    The Centre of Excellence will breathe the rich Notre Dame traditions of living arts, drama and music. It will inspire excellence, challenging students to grow in mind, body, and spirit every day. The Centre of Excellence will provide space to stimulate learning for all students.

    This phase will also include the renovation of Kenney Hall science classrooms into learning spaces that will serve various academic programming needs. Additional site work to install sewers to complete the drainage project, reconstructed parking lots and pathways will improve campus aesthetics.

  • Phase FOUR (2025)

    Enhanced Physical Activity Spaces: $2 million
    Healthcare Facility: $500,000
    Phase four of the Centennial Campaign ensures that Notre Dame’s athletics programs continue to meet standards, assist our student-athletes in developing the skills crucial for advancing in their sport, and that all students reap the benefits of participation in co-curricular activities.

    This final phase will focus on enhancing current athletic fields and infrastructure to reflect the long-standing athletic legacy of Notre Dame. These upgrades include the building of a softball diamond as well as improvements to the baseball field, backstops and player dugouts. Additionally, a new facility for field sports dressing rooms will also serve as a destination for our Facilities and Maintenance team.

    Healthcare services will also be relocated in this phase from its temporary location in Mother Teresa Hall North.

    *Additional estimated campaign expenses of $1.4 million are required for architectural design, consulting, fundraising activities, and donor recognition. An estimated $1 million additional is required for contingency.

Investing today to achieve students’ dreams tomorrow

Revitalizing the campus is critically important to continuing Notre Dame’s legacy of success in developing leaders. Investing now will help build tomorrow’s Notre Dame and achieve the dream of Père cherished by alumni, students, faculty, staff and parents.  

We appreciate your support for the Centennial Campaign.

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