Hounds Prep Basketball play an Independent Schedule Across Canada & USA!

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  • Prep Basketball Mission +

    The prep basketball program at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame provides student-athletes with elite level training, competition and exposure while maintaining the balance between academic achievement, athletic development, and spiritual growth.
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  • Prep Basketball Overview +

    The prep basketball program at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame provides student-athletes with elite level training, competition and exposure while maintaining the balance between academic achievement, athletic development, and spiritual development. The program was founded in 2015 and was added to the list of prestigious sports programs run out of Notre Dame. With a rich history in hockey, and a countless number of athletes moving on to play at the collegiate and professional level, Notre Dame decided it was time to give that same opportunity to basketball athletes.

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  • Prep Basketball Vision +

    The prep basketball program at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame is committed to developing student-athletes on and off the court. We continue to work towards post-secondary opportunities for our athletes by providing elite level training and competition, as well as unmatched exposure across Canada and the United States.
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  • Prep Basketball 2019-2020+

    The prep team at Notre Dame travels across Canada and the United States, playing an independent schedule of 25 to 30 games each year. Games will be split between prep tournaments and events, and match ups against college and junior college teams in the region. The goal is to give basketball athletes grades 9-12 (and the year directly following their grade 12) the opportunity to compete at the highest level, and the chance to gain exposure and potential post-secondary opportunities. While on campus, student-athletes are provided with the full boarding experience. Student-athletes are housed in dorms and participate in the daily routine of classes and training. All of our athletes have unmatched access to the gym, weight room, athletic trainers/therapists, and all other training and recovery facilities on campus. The prep basketball program at Notre Dame is a great way for young athletes who are committed to being the best version of themselves to reach their ultimate goals and dreams.
Academic Schedule
Semester 1
September – February
8:45 am Assembly
HPPE – Assigned Class PE Credit
CE – Christian Ethics 30 (if credit has not already been acquired)
One additional 30 level credit
Access to the Post Secondary Class online - cost covered
Recommendation to take an additional University class online
– cost to student
Semester 2
February  – TBD
Post Grads will reside on campus until the end of their season.  The second-semester program will be more flexible and will allow for the following opportunities:
High-Performance Basketball & Weight Training
Financial Literacy and Wellness Course
Community Service/Volunteer Opportunities on campus and other locations. Possible employment on campus.
Wellness and Mental Training Lessons
Continued Access to Tablet and academic space to support completion of additional course.

Additional Information:

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  • Academic Information

    • Access to tablet program is included.
    • Access to teacher support time – Student Conference and GLC is included.
    • Interview with Guidance Personnel in the fall to discuss the University application process and eligibility is included.
    • Downtime during the academic day – they are permitted to be flexible between the Library/Gym/Weight Room/Dorm

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  • Boarding Program

    • They will reside in Seaman Hall – they will be absorbed in the main dorm area if there is room, otherwise, the downstairs overflow area will be made available.
    • They will abide by the campus rules around drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
    • They will be permitted to have access to their phones.
    • They will be permitted curfew exceptions when appropriate and only if communicated with the House Parenting staff.
    • Cars will be permitted for transport to and from campus at the start and finish of programming periods. They will turn their keys into the House Parent and we will provide a designated parking area. Access to vehicles during the week will be limited (at the discretion of the House Parent in communication with the coach and parents) and they are under no circumstances permitted to transport undergraduate residential students.
Phone: (306) 732-1203
Toll Free: 1 (888) 404-6863 ext:1203
Fax: (306) 732-4409

Head Coach - Zach Mihalicz

Coach Mihalicz grew up in Parker, Colorado and graduated from Legend High School. He went on to accept a scholarship to play for the Cougars Men's Basketball team at the University of Regina. This was an opportunity for Mihalicz to come "home" as he was born in Regina and frequently visited Saskatchewan as a child. He played a season and a half with the Cougars before a career-ending knee injury in 2015. He remained with the team in a student management position for the following season, before going on to head coach the senior boys' team at Campbell Collegiate High School. He led Campbell to their first city championship win in 5 years and earned a berth to the provincial championships. Mihalicz also coaches with Basketball Saskatchewan, and head coached the U16 travel provincial team in the summer of 2018. Mihalicz accepted the Head Prep Basketball coaching position at Notre Dame in the summer of 2018 and is excited to continue building the basketball programs. He also looks forward to facilitating opportunities for student-athletes to play at the next level. Go Hounds!

Head Coach

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Strength Coach

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Athol Murray College of Notre Dame ·

P.O. Box 100 Wilcox · SK, Canada S0G 5E0
Phone: 306-732-2080 · Fax: 306-732-4409 · Email: info@notredame.ca