Distance Learning

Athol Murray College of Notre Dame was not set-up to be a virtual school, and we do not intend to become one, however, given the current global challenges beyond our control we recognize we have to be flexible and adapt to changing environments to avoid disrupting the educational experience of our students.

This guide is designed to provide you with some clarity on the processes and guidelines for our distance learning program. We hope you will find it useful but please note it is as a working document that will continue to evolve.

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  • Photo of Kate MacLean

    Kate MacLean 

    Principal/Director of Academics
  • Photo of Bob Baumuller

    Bob Baumuller 

    Vice Principal / Assistant Director of Academics
    University of Manitoba - B.ED
  • Photo of Navanga Burke

    Navanga Burke 

    Faculty / University Counselor
  • Notre Dame Help Desk 

Distance Learning Schedule:

Period Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
1 9:00-9:45am Block A 9:00-9:45am Block B Student Conference 9:00-9:45am Block D 9:00-9:45am Block E
2 10:00-10:45am Block B 10:00-10:45am Block C Student Conference 10:00-10:45am Block E 10:00-10:45am Block A
3 11:00-11:45am Block C  11:00-11:45am Block D  Student Conference 11:00-11:45am Block A 11:00-11:45am Block B 
Lunch 11:45-1:00pm  11:45-1:00pm  11:45-1:00pm  11:45-1:00pm 
1:00-1:45pm Block D
1:00-1:45pm Block E
Faculty Meetings
1:00-1:45pm Block B
1:00-1:45pm Block C
5 2:00-2:45pm Block E  2:00-2:45pm Block A  Faculty Meetings 2:00-2:45pm Block C  2:00-2:45pm Block D 

*GLC With Rob Matity & Darrell Burko from 3:15 - 4:00 Monday - Thursday

Expectations of Each Role:

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  • Faculty Responsibilities:

    • Provide communication to students via On Campus and email regarding course direction and expectations.
    • Check email and On Campus messages regularly.
    • Update the course information and lessons on a daily basis.
    • Share resources with students to assist with their learning.
    • Be available during the On Campus schedule regarding class times and to address communication from students and parents.
    • Be available through Microsoft Teams for Student Conference every Wednesday morning 9:00am – 12:00pm CST.
    • Dress professionally
    • Take attendance in On Campus.
    • Provide ongoing feedback to students about their learning.
    • Communicate with administration regularly, particularly regarding concerns about student learning.
    • Connect with faculty meetings on Wednesday afternoons 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
  • Parent Support:

    • Help their child create a work environment somewhere in the home.
    • Discuss with their child a plan for success.
    • Communicate with the teachers as necessary.
    • Encourage your child to continue to invest in their learning with high expectations.
    • Encourage your child to engage in the daily lessons and meet deadlines.
    • Be patient with their child, teachers and themselves – this is new to all of us.
  • Student Responsibilities:

    • It is recommended that they adopt a daily schedule as if they are in school.
    • They have been provided with an adjusted schedule for our Academic Online Programming.  Keep in mind that the times are in Saskatchewan time, Central Standard Time. Adjust the day accordingly, depending on the local time zone. 
    • Do their best to attend synchronous classes while they are running or to view recorded lessons and classes as soon as possible.
    • Create a workspace that has an appropriate background for use in a digital classroom – one that is not distracting.
    • Wear appropriate school attire as you will be on camera at times and we continue to expect that you are presentable, respecting the tone of a professional work environment.
    • Communicate with your teachers regularly.
    • Ask for support from your teacher when needed.
    • Complete online assignments and submit according to the directions of your teachers. The online learning will look different in every class, but the primary method of sharing resources will continue to be One Note and On Campus. 
    • Be patient with themselves, teachers and parents.
    • Understand that using or altering school recordings or portions thereof for anything other than their intended purposes is prohibited.
    • Consult On Campus, Resources, Information Technology Support, if they run into any technical issues.
    • Contact the Help Desk via email, helpdesk@notredame.ca, if they still have an issue with your course delivery.
    • Check ND email and On Campus messages regularly – stay connected to their teachers.
    • Their course work/expectations may not likely take the full time allotted so make sure to take physical and mental breaks.  Be sure to snack and hydrate often and get exercise.  Take an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the spring weather if you can.  Your health and wellness is always a priority.

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