Spiritual Development

Notre Dame College, with the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis and Father Athol Murray as its primary architects, believes in the existence of God, the primacy of the spiritual, and that Jesus of Nazareth is God, the Son, and Saviour of the world. Fr. Murray, affectionately called Père, used to say that there is no thing more powerful than the spiritual, meaning that all of us are made for God and are made to encounter His love and His presence while on this earthly journey. A tour through St. Augustine Church and the Tower of God attests to this statement and hopefully will leave one pondering the many common questions and desires we have in regards to the spiritual.

Notre Dame College is rooted in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. We follow the magisterium and the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. We are Catholic, which includes being ecumenical. This means we do not compromise the teaching of the Catholic Church, but at the same time we welcome and respect students of other faith traditions.

The Spiritual Development department at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame offers many services and opportunities for our students and staff to grow in their faith journey and in their relationship with God. The department is headed up by Robert Krueger B.A.,B. Ed., who works in close association with our chaplain Fr. J.R. Prince, Julie Rudrick, and Greg Pelletier. All Notre Dame Staff are dedicated to assisting our students in their walk with God. The following services and activities outline what our Spiritual Development team provides for our students:

  • Lord's Day Mass
  • The Notre Dame family, along with the community of Wilcox, celebrates the Redemption of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ at Sunday Mass. All students are required to fulfill the Lord's Day obligation by attending Mass at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Wilcox. Mass is at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday. We worship God as a community in obedience to the Third Commandment (Keep Holy the Lord's Day) and in obedience to Christ's command at the Last Supper to "... do this in memory of me ...". Father Murray considered community worship of God as part of Notre Dame life:

    "I don't care if you're Protestant or Catholic, but Sunday you attend Church somewhere. And, if I'm giving Mass and you come in late, I'll give you hell right then and there."
    —(Graham MacDonald's "Come on Kid, I'm going to explain to you what makes a Notre Dame Hound" - page 17)

    It is not Notre Dame's mandate to provide rides for students who wish to go to religious services outside of Wilcox. However, if a student and his/her parents are committed to attending another place of worship, the Spiritual Development Department will consider this request. This would be an exception to the rule. If an arrangement to attend another service or liturgy is made, the arrangement will depend on the availability of another "faith community" to provide transportation for the student who has made the request.

    Note - Mass will switch from Sunday to Saturdays at 4:00 PM on the third and fifth weekends of the month.

  • Daily Mass at St. Augustines.

  • Morning Prayer and reflection to begin each school day. Our Grade 11 & Grade 12 students ans Staff will have the opportunity to lead the school assembly in prayer and reflection.

  • Student retreats by grade level during the Lenten season.

  • Works of Mercy Outreach. Each student has the opportunity to help students from three Regina Catholic elementary schools—Sacred Heart, St. Augustine, and St. Matthew School. The Works of Mercy is coordinated through the Christian Ethics classes.

  • Jean Vanier Swim Program. Our students will have the chance to help those physically and mentally challenged to swim. These occur once or twice per semester.

  • Hounds for Humanity (H4H). A volunteer outreach that assists those who are in need and those who have suffered misfortune in their lives.

  • R.C.I.A. and sacramental preparation in the Catholic faith (Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation).

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation (confession) is provided on a regular basis.

  • Participation in the Mass though altar serving, being a lector, usher or a member of the choir.

  • College Youth group. Faith based activities are arranged by the school's youth group leader for after school hours.

  • Other liturgical celebrations i.e. Remembrance Day.

  • Chapel services for individual teams (upon request).

  • Speakers and in-services i.e. National Evangelization Team (NET)

  • School Chaplain and Counselor. Our resident Roman Catholic priest is available for counseling and to address the spiritual needs of students and staff. He may be contacted at any time regarding spiritual needs such as sacramental preparation or to assist your son or daughter with a family concern, tragedy, illness or death.

If you have any questions or would like further information about Notre Dame's Spiritual Development activities please feel free to call Robert Krueger at (306) 732-1245 or via email at r.krueger@notredame.ca


Rob Krueger, B.A., B.Ed.
Spiritual Development Coordinator
Phone: (306) 732-1245
Father John Prince
St. Augustine Parish Priest
Phone: (306) 732-1255